Mitsubishi FTO GPX

Before we go on, I want to show you some great pics I made when the car was in tip-top shape, after all the work I had done.

Mitsubishi FTO GPX

My first FTO was a semi-auto GPX with the MIVEC engine. I was looking for a fun project car and it had to be cheap. I was looking at cars that I could remember from Gran Turismo 1 and 2, and usually one of the first cars I bought in that game was the FTO. Cheap, light, great handling and good value for money.

So I started searching, and quickly I stumbled upon this FTO, without MOT, a flat tyre, an oil leak, roof bubbling, electrical issues and MIVEC wouldn’t even engage. But it was cheap, very cheap. It was up for grabs for only 800 euro, so I took a gamble and bought it. This is her shortly after i bought it.

And this is her after a nice wash and hand polish.

  • Cleaned interior ( smelled like wet dogs )
  • Polished head lamps
  • Cleaned under the bonnet
  • Polish the car itself

But there was more work to do. I didn’t have any service history so cambelt was prio 1. In the weeks, months that followed all this was done to the car.

  • MOT
  • Replace head gaskets
  • Replace all other gaskets
  • Replace timing belt + rolls
  • Replace the other 2 belts
  • Replace oil filter
  • Replace engine oil
  • Replace transmission oil
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Replace temp sensor
  • Replace battery
  • Replace oil pressure sensor
  • Replace spark plugs with iridium variant
  • Re-fill aircon
  • Find leak in cooling system and refill cooling liquid
  • Make it go straight again (when I let go of the steering wheel it dived to the left)
  • Check and service brakes
  • Weld and fix the rusty hole near the right rear tire
  • Fix electrical lamp/lights system. Nothing but the emergency lights were working
  • Replace ALL light bulbs on the car
  • Check electronics, does everything work?
  • Replace two front tires
  • Anti rust treatment in trunk
  • Re-spray trunk
  • Anti rust treatment front arms
  • Anti rust treatment rear arms
  • Fix small damages with paint stick (car)
  • Fix small damages with paint stick (rims)

This is the engine bay before servicing. Happy that we started with the cambelt, it was worn and dry and due to snap. Good call on my part.

Engine bay after service.

Upgraded the brake system with racing pads and vented discs.

Stripped the trunk to get to the rust. Removed rust, sprayed it with zink primer and some blue paint to cover. Not a fancy job but it removed the rust. I was looking at weight saving so I left it as is.

Then it was time to remove the rusty bubbled on the roof.

Here are some pics I made with a friend’s classic Chevy.

This is her on the Nordschleife.

And this is her on the race track of TT-Assen.